Academic Staff of ICMSEC:


      Zhong-Zhi Bai   Numerical linear algebra, Parallel computations
      Li-qun Cao   Multiscale computation
      Zhi-ming Chen   Finite element method, Maxwell equations, Flow transport in
  porous media
       Xiao-ying Dai   Finite element method, eigenvalue problem
      Yu-hong Dai   Nonlinear optimization
      Jia-lin Hong   Structure-preserving algorithms for dynamical systems
      Qi-ya Hu   Integral equation, domain decomposition
      Xing-biao Hu   Soliton theory and integrable systems
      Xin Liu   Computational Methods for Optimization
      Ben-zhuo Lu   Biological computation and simulation
     Shi-peng Mao   Finite element methods, Adaptive algorithms,
  Computational fluid dynamics
      Ping-bing Ming   Finite element methods, Nonconforming methods, Multiscale
  modelling and computation
      Ya-juan Sun   Geometric Numerical Integration for ODEs and PDEs
      Yi-fa Tang   Symplectic Algorithms for Hamiltonian Systems, Numerical
  Analysis of Fractional Differential Equations with Applications
      He-hu Xie   Numerical methods for partial differential equations,
  eigenvalue problems and integral-differential equations
      Xue-jun Xu   Finite element method, domain decomposition
      Zhi-qiang Xu   Computational geometry,PDE methods in image processing
  and computer graphics
      Li Yuan   Computational fluid dynamics
      Ya-xiang Yuan   Nonlinear optimization
      Lin-bo Zhang   Parallel computing
      Wen-sheng Zhang   Inverse problem
      Wei-ying Zheng   Finite element method, Electromagnetic and optical computation
      Ai-hui Zhou   Finite element method, eigenvalue problem, chaotic dynamics

        Associate Professor:

      Xiangke Chang   Numerical algorithms, approximation problems and inverse problems related to integrable systems
      Chong Chen   Biomedical Imaging, Image Processing,
  Visualization in Scientific Computing
      Tao Cui   Parallel computing, electromagnetic computing
      Wei Gong   Numerical methods for optimal control problems,
  finite element method
      Ji-zu Huang   Multiscale model and parallel algorithm
      Xia Ji   Maxwell equations, Fast multipole method (FMM)
      Ya-feng Liu   Optimization algorithm and its applications to wireless communications
      Wei Leng   Numerical methods for incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
  Seismic Imaging
      Xian-min Xu   Computational materials, multi-scale methods
      Hai-jun Yu   Complex fluids, numerical methods for high dimensional problems,
  spectral method
     Chen-song Zhang   Adaptive finite element methods, multigrid methods
      Shuo Zhang   Finite element methods, fast solvers for linear systems
      Tao Zhou   Stochastic Computations, Uncertainty Quantification

        Assistant Professor:

      Jie Xu   Modeling and simulation of liquid crystals,Numerical methods for gradient flows
      Chuchu Chen   Structure-preserving algorithms for stochastic (partial) differential equations

Supporting Staff of ICMSEC:

      Jin Chen   Secretary
      Ru-juan Ding   Secretary
      Xiang-yang Ge   Editor
      Ying Liu   Secretary
      Ying Qian   Computer System Administrator
      Ji-ping Wu   Secretary

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