Ph. D. students of 2002:

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 Abstract of Thesis

     Gao Shao-qin  Prof. Qun Lin ( The Least-squares Mixed Finite Element Methods for The Thin Plate Problem and The Incompressible Magnetohydrodynamic Problem
     Guo Xiao-xia  Prof. Zhong-zhi Bai ( Theories and Algorithms for Several Nonlinear Matrix Equations
     Hua Dong-ying  Prof. Lie-heng Wang ( The Study of the Finite Element Methods for the Contact Problem in Elasticity
     Li Chun-xia  Prof. Xing-biao Hu ( Applications of Direct Method to Discrete and Semi-Discrete Integrable Systems
     Li You-ai  Prof. Jun-zhi Cui (
     Liu Qing-kai  Prof. Lin-bo Zhang ( Study on Parallelization of the Adaptive Finite Element Package ALBERT
     Liu Xue-zhe  Prof. Zhi-ming Chen ( Adaptive PML Technique for Time-harmonic Scattering Problems
     Man Hong-ying  Prof. Zhong-ci Shi ( Finite Volume Element Method and Its Cascadic Multigrid Scheme
     Pan Qing  Prof. Guo-liang Xu ( Surface Modelling Based on Subdivision Surfaces and Geometric Partial Differential Equations
     Shen Li-hua  Prof. Zhou Ai-hui ( Parallel Adaptive Finite Element Algorithms for Electronic Structure Computing based on Density Functional Theory
     Xiao Jie  Prof. Zhi-ming Chen (
     Yan Tao  Prof. Ya-xiang Yuan ( Methods for Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints
     Ye Huang  Prof. Zhi-ming Chen (
     Yang Ying  Prof. Zhou Ai-hui ( Some Studies on Finite Element Computing for the Poisson-Boltzmann Equation
     Yuan Jian-hua  Prof. Zhi-ming Chen ( Finite Element Method for the Inhomogeneous Dielectric Waveguide
     Zhao Jun-xiao  Prof. Xing-biao Hu (



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